Daily Sun is a title of Media24, which is a Juristic Representative of Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited and Clientèle General Insurance Limited. All Daily Sun Plans are underwritten and administered by Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited (FSP 15268), except for the Legal Plan which is underwritten and administered by Clientèle General Insurance Limited (FSP 34655), both being authorised financial services providers and registered insurers.
Funeral Plan
From R110 per month
Life Plan
From R180 per month
Legal Plan
From R150 per month


Accidental means bodily injury caused solely or directly by sudden and unexpected external, violent and visible means.

Administration Fee refers to a percentage deducted from the Sum Assured which covers the claims administration costs. This percentage deduction may change from time-to-time.

Application Date means the date on which the Policy was recorded by Clientèle Life.

Child means an unmarried dependant child, step-child, illegitimate child or adopted child (legally or by custom) of the Life Assured and includes a child who is over 21 (twenty-one) and becomes dependant on the Life Assured by reason of mental or physical incapacity during the currency of the Policy. This definition further includes a grandchild being the child of any of the Life Assured’s children where both child’s parents are deceased or the child is a dependant of the Life Assured and satisfactory proof of dependency is submitted to the Insurer. A dependant child that has attained the age of 18 years or 21 years, if a full time student, shall no longer be covered under this policy. Proof will be requested at claim stage.

Commencement Date means the first day of the month during which the first Premium is paid.

Cooling Off Period The Policy Owner will have a 30 (thirty) day cooling off period from the date of receipt of the Policy Document in order to read over the Policy conditions and to cancel the Policy if unsatisfied. Any Premium deducted in this period will be refunded in full should the Policy be cancelled during this period.

Currency means the period from the Commencement or Reinstatement Date whilst due Premiums are paid.

Illness means sickness or disease contracted and commencing during the Currency of the Policy.

Life Assured means those person(s) stated as such in the Schedule.

Main Policy means the Policy outlined in this policy document and excludes any rider or supplementary benefits outlined in a separate policy document or schedule.

Policy Owner refers to the person to whom the Policy belongs and shall be the initial payer of Premiums unless The Company is advised otherwise in writing. 

Premium - means the regular monthly contractual payment made by a policyholder in return for an undertaking by the Company to provide policy benefits as specified in this insurance policy.

Spouse means the person married (by law, customary law or common law) to the main Life Assured and named as such in the Schedule.

Survival Period means a period of 14 (fourteen) days which the Insured Person survives without the use of life support after being diagnosed with Cancer.

Terminal Illness is as a disease or illness which, in the opinion of The Company, will result in the death of the Insured Life within a period of 12 (twelve) months following the date of payment of this Benefit.
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